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The first thing that I noticed about him was his height. His sunburnt back was all muscle, so were his beautiful legs which stood in the ankle-deep water. His hair was pitch black and his arms were toned, as was the rest of his body. The stunning creature walked for a while along the bank and then, with a single deft movement, he dove into the lake. He was beautiful that, for an instant, I wondered whether he as a figment of my imagination…

Aphrodite is an executive at a large record label and she is desperately looking for a new pop idol who will take the market by storm. Quite by accident a hot, sexy Cretan farmer falls into her path and… she loses her mind. Akis is the most beautiful creature she has ever laid her eyes on, an unbelievably charming young man and, most importantly, he can sing! She immediately decides to become his mentor, to teach him everything and ultimately turn him into a big star. At the same time, as she has fallen head over heels in love with him, she resolves to stay away from him and not mix business with pleasure. Will she be able to resist him? Or could this romance have come to turn her entire life upside-down and actually be simply… irresistible?
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Publication date Jun 22, 2017
Thematic Category Social, Humour, Romance
Series Greek literature
Age 18+
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The Author
GEORGIA DEMIRI was born in Pireaus. She studied English literature and has worked for many years in the mass media in the area of communication and public relations. In particular she was an executive for six years in Star Channel's press office, and then became head of communications at ANT1. She has also worked with ETHNOS Newspaper and ALPHA television. WANTED: GROOM is her debut novel.
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