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Do you ever talk to yourself? What does that mean? Could it be that you have a dual personality? Perhaps if there were only two people holding a dialogue within you, then things would be simple yet often there are many more personalities within you, arguing constantly amongst each other. If you haven’t met them then let me do it for you. There is a Parent, an Adult, a Child, and others such as the District Attorney, the Saviour, the Victim, the Computer, etc. All of these personalities live within one Self, and s/he lives within an Organism. If you don’t pay any attention to their dialogues and arguments, then most times you make your decisions automatically. You decide based on a scenario that determines these dialogues without you even realizing and then these decisions determine your behavior. There are many reasons for you to read this book. One of them is that arguments can sometimes be very funny…
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Publication date Oct 5, 2017
Thematic Category Psychology
Series Psychology - Self help - Well being
Age 18+
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The Author
GEORGIOS PINTERIS was born in Egypt in 1948 and studied Aeronautics London, from 1966 until 1968, when he interrupted his studies and returned to Greece. He studied Psychology at the University of Maryland. As a psychologist he became known from the Radio One show “Know Thyself”. He returned to Greece permanently in 1982, after ten years of studying Counselling. Since then he has published 22 books. He has hosted many radio and television shows and has held seminars throughout Greece. Although he specializes in psychosomatic disorders, after thirty five years in the profession he has become a specialist in … long-term partner relationships.
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