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“I am sorry… Books with the essence of happiness are rare. Signiore Francesco says that they are so rare that you must pay a fortune to buy them. I, on the other hand, say that in order for a book of happiness to reveal itself to you, you must first have made your way through all the other essences. To have read many… otherwise how are you to know that that which you hold is happiness?”

Venice. A bookstore very different from any other. A bookstore where you choose books based on the aroma (essence) that they smell and with the help of little Irene, who doesn’t know how to read. A captivating world, of countless editions, rare and new, which are delivered at midnight by gondola by a man dressed in black. Romanos, the Greek with heretic blood, searches old manuscripts and scrolls with a passion, at the same time dragging with him a catastrophic romance with beautiful Elisabeta. Behind the half-open grilles of a famous brothel, unnoticed by anyone, the Signiora pulls the strings and interferes with other people’s lives… But when the tide approaches and the waters of the lagoon rise, the city sheds tears to try and wash away a great sin that bears on the shoulders of the guilty and the innocent.

A stunning novel about the mysterious world of human relations with the atmospheric and erotic city of Venice as its backdrop.
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Publication date Oct 19, 2017
Series Greek literature
Age 18+
SKU 19992
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The Author
Sofia Voikou was born in Thessaloniki. She studied French literature at the Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki and went on to do her postgraduate studies in Mediterranean Communication and Culture at the Sophia Antipolis University in Nice, France. She also studied History of Art at the Ecole du Louvre in France. She has taught Theory of Communication and History of Art in private educational institutions and was also a columnist in various cultural magazines in Thessaloniki for a number of years. Since 1997 she works in advertising and communication. She speaks English, French and Spanish, is married and has two children. She has written two novels which have been published by PSICHOGIOS PUBLICATIONS and have become best-sellers. Her debut novel, THE RED MARK (rights sold to Turkey), a wonderful upmarket commercial women’s novel  surprised not only our editorial team, but it also captured the Greek readers’ attention selling over 34,000 copies.
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