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Zoe is a sweet, and usually very cheerful and positive person. Lately, however, she seems to have lost her spirit and everything has become grey and miserable around her. Her job is boring, she hasn’t had a relationship in eons and her best friend will be away for a whole month in the summer, leaving her all on her own in Athens to boil in the heatwave.
Zoe is also an angry person. To be more precise, she’s furious with her mother who left without even the slightest farewell. To try and forget her problems, she resorts to watching her favorite Turkish soap opera on television every evening, reads romance novels one after the other, and dreams about finally finding passion in the strong arms of some dark handsome stranger who will enter her life and sweep her off her feet.
Then, one day, a sudden event comes to change everything. From that moment on, “seize the day” becomes her motto and the reason for her to come out of her shell. She begins to try new experiences, to go out and live her life. But life is always unpredictable, and things sometimes spiral out of control… Will sweet Zoe finally be able to turn her life into one that is as sweet as she dreams it to be?
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Publication date Jun 13, 2013
Thematic Category Social, Humour, Romance
Series Greek literature
Age 18+
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The Author
GEORGIA DEMIRI was born in Pireaus. She studied English literature and has worked for many years in the mass media in the area of communication and public relations. In particular she was an executive for six years in Star Channel's press office, and then became head of communications at ANT1. She has also worked with ETHNOS Newspaper and ALPHA television. WANTED: GROOM is her debut novel.
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