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When Yiannis asks three female co-travellers what form friendship between a man and a woman can take, it is he who gives them the answer: “every form”. Three women and a man, four people all teachers, commute together daily for an hour each way to their schools in Thessaloniki. Their relationship begins very formally, politely, reluctantly. The man’s presence within the three women’s microcosm and theirs in his acts as a catalyst for all of them. It liberates a different self in each and every one of them. Everything changes in their temperament, their appearance, their mood. Day by day, journey by journey, them begin to trust, open up and get nearer to one another. They overcome boundaries, defy rules and create a singular relationship. They become friends, best friends, and soul mates that fall in love with each other, and they try, everyone in her or his particular way, to fit this different kind of love into their lives… if they can… A novel with a very different, unique and optimistic look at friendship, love, the boundaries of intimacy among people, and those little moments of happiness that life has to offer. All we need is to keep our souls open and to seize those moments as they pass us by, knowing that however small they may be, they are precious…
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Publication date Feb 28, 2013
Thematic Category Human relations, Social, Romance
Series Greek literature
Age 18+
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The Author
HARA ANDREOU was born and lives in Thessaloniki. She has studied Education, Archaeology, and History of Art, as well as Museology at universities in Greece and abroad. She holds a PhD in Classical Archaeology and a Post-graduate Degree in Open Education. She has worked at times in all of these sectors, as well as in many others, but teaching won her over in the end. She says: “I do not paint, I do not dance, I do not know how to play music; my way of expressing myself is through words…” PSYCHOGIOS Publications have published her novel LOVE IS WAR.
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