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Pay more attention to one’s look rather than their words, he told her. Don’t judge by actions themselves. Look for the hidden intent; that is where you will find whether one’s heart is clean or not. A selfish person might pick the part of a saint, might hand out fortunes in charity, yet their goal is not mercy, but self- admiration, showing off, triumphing over those around them.
Do not trust your feelings; don’t say I love you nor I do not love you easily. You are not as compassionate as you think. We may feel compassion because of identification, not out of kindness. It is the fear of that same thing happening to us and we rehearse just in case. Always me! My neighbour remains a distant land: the utopia of the other!
The soul is all-powerful. Do not get mired in psychoanalysis - it is only for traumas; then you need a spiritual adventure, on your own. In the same way you go to an orthopaedic when you break your leg: they will heal the fracture, but not teach you to walk, nor will they show you your path, or, of course, your destination. Your own responsibility is non-transferrable. Prepare to abandon me before you become paralyzed on my couch!
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Publication date Apr 26, 2012
Thematic Category Human relations, Psychology
Series Psychology - Self help - Well being
Age 18+
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The Author
Maro Vamvounaki was born in Chania where she spent her childhood. At the age of 9 she came to Athens with her family. She studied law and psychology. Since 1972, and for the following eleven years, she lived in Rhodes where she worked as a notary. Today she lives in Athens. She is a prolific writer. This book is the author's 22nd published title and it has been estimated that over 500,000 copies of her books have been sold to her devoted reading audience.Maro Vamvounaki is one of the most renowned and beloved contemporary Greek writers and her latest book focuses on a truly intriguing subject.
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