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My name is Data… It has been so for years now. I’ve almost forgotten that I was once baptized Alexandra… Alexandra Salvanou, daughter of Robert and Haritini. I’m guilty of all the sins that the church or the police can imagine, yet I don’t feel guilty about any of them. Everything came naturally to me, or so they seemed. It never even crossed my mind that it was evil that was always bred within me and never good. I was born incredibly beautiful and that was yet another weapon in my hands, for it was an invisible trap for my unsuspecting victims. No-one would ever believe that the face of an angel could hide the hard of a dark soul so intricately, a soul sworn to breed death and disaster. Perhaps death, which I chose with such ease, was a kind of deliverance, a catharsis, a purification. Enemies? Those were the only kind I made in my life. I never made any friends, nor did I feel a need for them. Friendship, to me, meant weakness, a weapon in the hands of the opponent, and I was never one of those women to give others such freedoms, nor did I want unnecessary weight on my shoulders.
My name is Data… I live in another world, one that I have created myself, with my own rules and bylaws. My name is Data… and I don’t regret... anything...
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Publication date May 16, 2013
Thematic Category Social, Romance
Series Greek literature
Age 18+
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The Author
LENA MANTA is Greece’s best-selling women’s fiction author of almost 2 million copies of her books sold in Greece and Cyprus alone, and whose books have been sold to Albania (THE HOUSE BY THE RIVER/LOVE LIKE RAIN/COFFEE BREWING ON THE EMBERS/THE LAST CIGARETTE/THEANO, SHE-WOLF OF ISTANBUL), Bulgaria (WALZ WITH 12 GODS), China (WALZ WITH 12 GODS), Italy (THE HOUSE BY THE RIVER/LOVE LIKE RAIN), Serbia (COFFEE BREWING ON THE EMBERS/LETTER OF GOLD), Spain (THE HOUSE BY THE RIVER), and Turkey (THEANO, SHE-WOLF OF ISTANBUL/THE HOUSE BY THE RIVER) as well as World English rights (THE HOUSE BY THE RIVER/THE LETTER OF GOLD (Rights under offer)). She is a true commercial voice to be reckoned with and every new book is a tour-de-force in the Greek publishing world.Lena Manta was born in Istanbul, Turkey, to Greek parents. She moved to Greece at a very young age and now lives with her husband and two children on the outskirts of Athens. Although she studied to be a nursery school teacher, Lena instead directed her own puppet theater before writing articles for local newspapers and working as a director for a local radio station. Manta was proclaimed Author of the Year in both 2009 and 2011 by Greek Life & Style magazine and received the 2016 Public Book Award for Inspirational Heroine for her book ONE LAST APOLOGY. With a charismatic personality that exudes positivity and inspires all who meet her, she is extremely popular in the press as well as social media and Facebook where she is immensely active. Just as her stories and characters captured Greek readers’ hearts, so we believe that they will continue to do the same outside Greek borders. PSICHOGIOS PUBLICATIONS have published 17 of her books – mainly novels. All of them have sold around 100,000 copies each while her best-seller, THE HOUSE BY THE RIVER, has sold over 250,000 copies. Her books have been translated into English, Turkish, Albanian, Italian, Spanish, English, Chinese, Bulgarian, Serbian and Arabic.
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