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In the early hours of Christmas day in Spandau, Berlin, in 1984, a man commits suicide falling into the frozen waters of the Havel river. His death will give birth to a wolf of loneliness. On the 23rd of October, 1994, the gruesome murder of a woman on the outskirts of Berlin will shake the consciousness of an entire nation. That same night, the wolf will howl for the first time. The case remains unsolved and is filed away. Years later, a beautiful young woman doesn’t realize that she has made herself a target. All she desires is to become wealthy, to live the life of the rich and famous at any cost, and she doesn’t hesitate to use her appearance to achieve her goal. On the 16th of February, 2008, it snowed heavily in Athens, and the wolf howled again. Homicide detective Evridiki Tzeli takes on the investigation of a profoundly violent crime that Greece has never seen before. She observes what no-one has seen and, at that moment, her life is in danger. When the wolf of loneliness is called to howl again, hidden memories come to the surface and a murderer awakens. Chrysiida Dimoulidou returns with an ingenious thriller and a story that moves stealthily between Greece and Berlin. The author skilfully draws her readers deep into the mind of a devious serial killer and leaves her reader breathless at every turn, suspecting everyone and no-one. Even once the killer is ultimately revealed, there is still an exquisite twist at the end that will satisfy even the most demanding reader.
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Publication date Oct 16, 2011
Series Greek literature
Age 18+
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The Author
Chrysiida Dimoulidou was born in Serres. Today she lives in Athens. Her first novel was published in 1997 and since then she has published 16 books for adults and 5 books for children. All her books have become bestsellers. Her novel, DON'T SHOOT THE BRIDE (Livanis Publications), was awarded with the Cypriot Readers' Award and shortlisted for the same award in Greece, while the rights to her book THE TEARS OF GOD (Livanis Publications) have been sold in Brazil and the Czech Republic. She was shortlisted for the Author of the Year award by Life & Style Magazine for her novel THE CROSSING SOULS. Chrysiida Dimoulidou also writes scenarios and poetry. She is a fanatic animal lover, an environmentalist and activist and she believes that children are the only hope this world has for peace. PSICHOGIOS PUBLICATIONS have very successfully published her novels: THE CROSSING SOULS (94,000 copies), MERCEDES HILL (55,000 copies), and THE MESSENGERS OF DESTINY (26,000 copies), THE WOLF OF LONELINESS as well as a collection of poetry entitled THE COST OF RAIN and a children’s book ELLINOULIS, THE LITTLE PAPER BOAT (shortlisted for the Circle of the Greek Children’s Book Picture Book Award).
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