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“Do you see this magic box? It’s the Dream Box. I lock children’s bad dreams and nightmares in it, bolting them in fast under lock and key so that they can never escape.”
It was an autumn night when Fotini first met the Dream Collector. She saw nightmares in her sleep; he saw a brave girl before him. Their friendship defeated the darkness and courage prevailed over fear. Together they lived an incredible adventure, an adventure that would change their lives forever. What is real and what is not? What are dreams really made of - those that we see at night and those that we see while we are awake. Can we become Dream Collectors too? An unforgettable novel about dreams and nightmares, about our fears and the confidence we must have in ourselves.
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Publication date Mar 1, 2012
Thematic Category Human relations
Series SMALL COMPASS for children and young adults
Age 9-11
SKU 11632
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The Author
Ioanna Bouldoumi was born in Pireaus and studied communication and management. Having worked at numerous multinational companies, her talent in writing began to find its way when she started writing for the children’s newspaper Erevnites tis Kathimerinis. Since then, she hasn’t stopped dreaming and imagining hundreds of new worlds and characters for children to explore. Discovered through the slush-pile, Ioanna’s debut book, AN ARROGANT FRENCH PARROT was published by PSICHOGIOS PUBLICATIONS, opening up her doors into the world of children’s books. Since then she has received multiple domestic literary awards while her book THE DREAM COLLECTOR was awarded in 2011 with the Cypriot Children’s and Young Adult Book Award. In addition to her Arrogant French Parrot and her Dream Collector, PSICHOGIOS PUBLICATIONS has already published THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK THE CELERY while the second volume of adventures of Sherlock as well as a further children’s book, TONGUE IN CHEEK, are currently in production. Ioanna Bouldoumi is one of the most talented and promising writers for children’s books in Greece today, writing with immense ease, exquisite humor and incredible originality about everything and anything imaginable. She is a force to be reckoned with and an author to look out for.
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