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If only Spiros hadn’t stayed up late that night, if only he hadn’t heard the alarm ring at eight o’clock, if only he had had five minutes to spare so he could check his e-mails and seen that his meeting at ten had been rescheduled, then he wouldn’t have lost his life. Life, that is, as most people conceive it to be.

At a quarter to ten in the morning of the 23rd of March, 2005, Spiros Papagiannis ceased to exist. For three whole years!

Marina Angeli, wronged by nature and life, on the afternoon of the 23rd of March, 2005, discovered the greatest reason for living. Joanna and Andonis Damiras, happy in their fifties, suddenly find themselves caught up in events that will upset their entire life. And Katy Karapanou, Spiro’s beautiful fiancée, she desperately hopes for a miracle that will bring her beloved back into her arms.

Spiro Papagianni’s passing into the zone of nonexistence, sweeps along with it and overturns the lives of four different people. Unsuspecting, they are tangled into a web that destiny weaves around Spiro, a man who exists without living. Games, caprices, secrets that wait behind the closed curtains of the mind and happiness that patiently lies in wait…
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Publication date Apr 18, 2013
Thematic Category Social
Series Greek literature
Age 18+
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The Author
NICOLE-ANNA MANIATI was born in Cyprus, where she spent her childhood. At a very young age she moved to London with her family. She studied English Literature and holds a B.A., a P.G.C.E. and an M.A. She has also completed a three-year course in Nursing at King Edward Memorial Hospital. In 1978 she settled in Athens, where she initially worked as an English teacher, while later she opened her own foreign language teaching centre, which she ran for 18 years. During that period she successfully published four educational books, three of which were approved by the Ministry of Education. The fourth was published by Longman’s. Maniati has also been a speaker at educational seminars and a member of examination boards for foreign language education. Her work includes articles on Education. PSYCHOGIOS Publications have published her novels CUT FLOWERS and INVISIBLE BOND.
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