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Do you wear your coat in the summer?
Do you hold onto memories, guilt, habits, and convictions of the past inside yourself?
Do you collect objects, e-mail messages, obligations?
Are you filled with toxic emotions?
Do you feel like you don’t have enough time?
Do you collect dust in your house and in your relationships?
Could it be time for you to free yourself?

Katerina Tseberlidou, author of HAPPINESS IS A DECISION, gives us ideas about how we can clear out and tidy up all that we have collected within ourselves, in our relationships, our finances, our jobs, our homes, our time. If we get rid of the old, the unnecessary, the toxic, and all that which sabotages our every day, then we will have only those things that remain useful to us today and we’ll perform much better as a whole. We’ll be able to enjoy our lives and our relationships and we’ll feel happier too. We deserve that! A book that will help us “launder” and wash our emotions, that will remove all the dust that we retain within us so that the essence of life can truly shine.
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Publication date Mar 14, 2013
Thematic Category Psychology
Series Psychology - Self help - Well being
Age 18+
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The Author
KATERINA TSEMBERLIDOU was studying law, when out of sheer coincidence she found herself involved in advertising. She worked for one of the largest advertising agencies in Greece as a copywriter, Head of the Creative Dpt and President. She has created more than 500 advertising campaigns for the best-known and successful brands, services or companies, multinational and Greek, as well as for non-profit social campaigns. Her slogans have made history, while she has been recognised for her ideas with awards in both Greece and abroad. Under her leadership, the company’s creative department won a total of 324 awards. She has written ten books, and most of her titles have become household terms. Her first best-seller was her collection of short stories No More Sex, Just Friends caused a sensation , rocking the boat in literary circles and changing the form of communication with readers. Her book Happiness Is A Decision created a new trend in Greece regarding a positive attitude towards life and happiness.
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