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The primrose is a night flower. In Valencia in 1492, the year that the Jews were being persecuted from Spain and Christopher Columbus set out on his explorations that would lead him to America, the gardens were filled with primroses.

During a time when the Holy Inquisition stood unremittingly before those who had different beliefs, Spanish law foresaw that women remained faithful to their husbands for a period of twenty five years following their disappearance. Any cases of adultery were punishable by death.

In this age of darkness, Sarita and Alfonso begin making their dreams, without suspecting human intolerance that holds the key to their destiny. Beside them, Pablo, Sarita’s first cousin, and Marisol, her best friend fall passionately in love. While their nights are filled with the scent of primroses, the threat of the Holy Inquisition looms above them. Pablo is a priest and only ten years have passed since Marisol’s husband disappeared one month after their wedding. Their faith, however, that man can endure the unbearable makes them look ahead with hope and helps them dream that the time will come when they will be free…
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Publication date Apr 18, 2013
Thematic Category Historical fiction
Series Greek literature
Age 18+
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The Author
YORGHOS POLYRAKIS was born in Crete. He graduated from the School of Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, from which he has been awarded a PhD. In 1996, his first novel, That Certain Moment, was published by PSICHOGIOS Publications. In 1998, his next novel, Dancing in Silence, received the First Prize from the Greek Society of Christian Letters, becamea best-seller, and a television series. His third book, Meeting Yesterday , wasawarded the First Prize by the Parnassos Literary Union, while his novel Distant Horizons was shortlisted for the Reader’s Prize of the National Book Center of Greece. Yorghos Polyrakis is the favourite best-selling author of more than350,000 readers.
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