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In these troubled times of ours, citizens are swayed between submitting to unfair laws and dynamically attempting to change them. From Madrid to Athens and from the Arab Spring to New York, the movement of dissent chose the second path. It is a movement for renewal and modification. It is classless, not Marxist, a movement that calls on the right for civil disobedience. The book you are holding in your hands establishes that very right. Is disobedience justified at the crossroads of the Greek crisis? The immediate response is that the impunity enjoyed by the peoples’ elected representatives - who, due to their immorality and incompetence plunged Greece into this quagmire - is enough to justify it. Therefore, is disobedience the appropriate solution for Greek citizens? The answer here is more complex. Disobedience is a moral and political right. It is not a duty imposed by History. Conscious violation of laws is a serious decision fraught with danger. Therefore, whether beneficial or not for those who will follow the path of disobedience, is a judgment only they themselves can make. It is certain, however, that once they have made up their mind, moral right is on their side.
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Publication date Mar 22, 2012
Thematic Category Politics
Series History - Politics
Age 18+
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The Author
GIORGOS N. POLITIS was born in 1972 in Athens. He studied Journalism and Philosophy in Greece and the UK. He is a Lecturer of Social Philosophy at the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens. Since 1991 he has been contributing to magazines, newspapers and television shows. His works are: Bakunin’s Social Philosophy (2006), Liberty and Power (2010), Gunpowder and Honey (2008, novel).
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