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This book tells of the life and times of Constantine Paleologos. It is a chronicle of a truly heroic and yet tragic figure of humanity. Constantine challenged his fate from the moment he was crowned emperor in Mystras. He was damned, a maudit. Unlucky in everything, in marriage and in love too, we was widowed twice, while the last woman of his life, Anna Notara, abandoned him just before the fall of Constantinople, escaping to the West.
Constantine Paleologos ruled for a short while over the remnants of the Byzantine Empire. Of Serbian and Asia Minor descent, he felt a true Greek. Being a true visionary, he aimed to make immense changes in his small empire so to make it powerful again. He didn’t succeed. Alas, it is said that he fell as an anonymous hero, along with his fellow warriors. In his honor, some of the most important contemporary Greek writers, made him a literary hero. This narrative chronicle is made up of scenes of his life, of the battles he waged in the field and in love, against others and against himself. It is a narrative which reads like fiction, only it isn’t.
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Publication date Mar 28, 2013
Thematic Category Biography, History
Series Greek literature
Age 18+
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The Author
PHILIPPOS PHILIPPOU was born on Corfu in December 1948. From 1968 to 1982, with shorter or longer breaks in between, he travelled as a mechanic on ships. He has published testimonials, studies, biographies and novels. His books, Lovers of the Sea or The Book of the Unknown Seaman, and The Political Nikos Kavvadias, are related to the lives of sailors. The main characters of The Last Days of Constantine Cavafy and The Death of Zorba are based on real people. Philippou’s short stories, essays, book critiques and reviews as well as articles on international issues have been published in newspapers and magazines in Athens and Thessaloniki. He lives in Athens.
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