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A merchant from Odessa takes a solemn oath to spread the vision and word of the Greek Society of Friends (a secret 19th-century organization whose purpose was to overthrow the Ottoman rule of Greece and establish an independent Greek state). A Swiss printer abandons his life in order to take part in the Greek revolution. A "whiskerless" boy becomes a daring captain. A young woman from the island of Chios begins her own battle, using her pen as her sword. A man from Souli helps a Christian woman and a Muslim woman escape from the harem of Ali Pasha in Ioannina.

Greece is burning, bleeding, struggling to stave off the burden of slavery which has held her down for so long.

And History is always there, determining the paths of each and every person. Leading them, sometimes correctly, and sometimes wrongly. Granting them joys and sadness. Writing the pages of their lives along with their despair, their love, their death and their freedom.

"What is Greece to me? It is as if I can see her before me right now. She is a noblewoman, a woman standing proud and tall. There, with her white shirt, her gold-embroidered dress. It is almost as if I can feel its texture. A woman who has been cornered, surrounded by all of us, but yet she holds a blade in her hand and prefers to die rather than to fall into our filthy hands!"

A skillfully written novel about one of the most significant historical periods of modern Greece.
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Publication date Apr 19, 2018
Thematic Category Historical fiction, 1821
Series Greek literature
Age 18+
Pages 392
Circulation (in thousands) 5
No of reprints 1
ISBN 978-618-01-2554-2
SKU 21426
Dimensions (width x height) 14 x 21 cm
Weight 0.506 kgr
Binding Μαλακό εξώφυλλο
ISBN e-book 978-618-01-2555-9
E-book Code 21427
E-book format EPUB
printed_book_image Printed Book
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