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George Lebessis (author of the best-selling FISHSOUP series) returns with a new series, SAURVIVOR, inspired by the Survivor television game series filled with humour and fun. Each book focuses on one of the characters participating in the game and delves into everyday and social issues that interest children, i.e. the importance of hygiene (being clean), not talking to/believing strangers, diversity, and so on. It is exceptionally illustrated with strong, bright colours that bring Saurvivor Isle and all its characters to life.. It will appeal to children aged 5-9 who watch and love Survivor but also all children who love fantastic creatures and a great story. All the characters are lizards or dinosaurs and live on a fantastic island where they participate in the annual Saurvivor games. There are currently 4 titles in the series.
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Publication date Feb 8, 2018
Thematic Category Humour, Adventure
Series Illustrated books for children
Series name Σαυράιβορ
Age 5-6,7-8,9-11
Pages 48
Circulation (in thousands) 3
Illustrator Βλασακάκης Στέφανος
ISBN 978-618-01-2549-8
SKU 20608
Dimensions (width x height) 19 x 19 cm
Weight 0.156 kgr
Binding Μαλακό εξώφυλλο
ISBN e-book 978-618-01-2550-4
E-book Code 20609
E-book format EPUB
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The Author
Georgios D. Lebessis was born in Athens in 1981. He has studied ‘Music Technology and Music Industry’ as well as ‘Administration of Cultural Units’. He has worked as a producer for a popular Athens radio station as well as a production manager for individual Greek music artists and music festivals throughout Greece. His greatest achievement has been the organization of the first Festival for Kids in Greece (Town for Kids 2008 & 2009). The success of the particular festival was unprecedented for the Greek public, both commercially and in reviews. George Lebessis’ first literary attempt, FISH SOUP, first appeared as a play performed in 2009-2010. The public’s attendance was so overwhelming that the staging continued for a second season. FISH SOUP is currently being staged independently in Athens and Thessaloniki and continues to raise crowds. Georgios’ ideas are so refreshing, so original, so different, that you cannot but be convinced of this author’s brilliant future ahead.
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