PASCHALIA TRAVLOU was born in Tripolis, Arcadia. During her childhood she often moved because her father was relocated due to his military career. From an early age Travlou applied herself to painting, music and the written word. In 1988 she settled permanently in Athens, where she studied Classical Greek Literature at the School of Philosophy of Athens University. This was when she made her first attempts at writing with short stories published in the local Veroia paper. Later she attended a two-year post-graduate course on the Latin poetry of Horatio and Virgil, while recently she completed her post-graduate studies at the University of the Aegean course titled “Gender and New Working Conditions and Teaching Environments in the Information Society”, specializing in attire and workplace issues. She is a member of the Hellenic Authors’ Society and works at the Unified Fund of Independent Employees (E.T.A.A.). Her writing has been published in literary magazines, while her short stories have been included in various collections.

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