Kevin Crossley-Holland Kevin Crossley-Holland was born in 1941 in Mursley, North Buckinghamshire, and grew up in Whiteleaf, a village in the Chiltern hills of western England. He attended Oxford University, where after failing his first exams, he developed his passion for Anglo-Saxon literature. After his graduation, he became the Gregory Fellow in Poetry at the University of Leeds and, from 1972-1977, he taught Anglo-Saxon Literature for the Tufts University of London program. He worked as a children's book editor while beginning to write his own poems and reinterpretations of medieval legends. He has also taught for extended periods in America having held a university post for a number of years in Minnesota. He has written and presented many BBC radio programmes and is a frequent speaker at schools and libraries. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and now lives in Norfolk, England. Kevin Crossley-Holland has published six volumes of adult poetry and several libretti for opera. His many notable books for adults and children include poetry, classic retellings and anthologies, while he is particularly renowned for his version of Beowulf and his ARTHUR trilogy. In 1985 he won the Carnegie Medal for his novella, STORM, while THE SEEING STONE won the prestigious Guardian Children's Fiction Prize for 2001, and AT THE CROSSING PLACES won a Silver award at the 2001 SWPA Spoken Word Awards.


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