THANOS KONDYLIS was born in Athens and studied Archaeology and History in Greece and Italy. He has a PhD in Medieval History from the University of Athens and speaks English, French and Italian. He was awarded a number of scholarships for the completion of his studies in both Greece and abroad. He has written numerous academic articles, participated in international conferences, and has been awarded by the Greek Parliament for research he conducted on Eleftherios Venizelos. He has worked for the National Research Institute as well as the Ministry of Culture. Over the last few years, he has written articles for magazines related to history studies, and has also translated historical works. As a novelist, Thanos Kondylis has grown into an author of compelling power, an expert in medieval history and a master in surprising his readers with thrilling plots, twists and turns. PSICHOGIOS Publications have published 6 novels: LADY OF SMYRNA (24,000 copies in print), MURDEROUS LOVE (5,000 copies in print), THE EYES OF THE DRAGON (6,000 copies), MURDER IN ANCIENT OLYMPIA (7,000 copies/rights sold in Italy), THE FIFTH KNIGHT (6,000 copies in print). PARADISE IN YOUR EYES, published in October 2011 already finds itself with 12,000 copies in print.

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