DIMITRA CHRISTIDOU-MANTHEAKI was born in Ioannina and raised in Sparta. She studied Greek and English Literature and continued her studies at the History and Archaeology Department of the School of Philosophy at Athens University. She worked for many years as an entrepreneur, as an owner of private schools for teaching foreign languages. She is married to Alexis Mantheakis, a renowned PR Specialist, writer and political analyst. Christidou-Mantheaki resides in Athens with her husband and her daughter Marina, who is a journalist. As an archaeologist she is a member of the Board of the international organization for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures IPSACI (The International Parthenon Sculptures Action Committee) which has 240,000 members in Greece and abroad. PSYCHOGIOS Publications have published her books, I, THE TALIBAN’S WOMAN - which has been a long seller to this day with several reprints and repeated promotional references by the Media and, particularly, TV - and ALL I HAD WAS YOU.


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