Publisher: Psichogios Literature
Issue Date : 21/01/2011
Pages : 272
Age : 18+
Reprint : 1η
ISBN Ebook: 978-960-496-113-9
Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm
Ebook format : ePUB

A few words

Yakup, a 25 year old student succeeds in going abroad for the first time breaking the curse surrounding his family. His destination is the small French town of La Rochelle on the ocean coast. He spends three long weeks in the atmosphere of the 1998 World Cup with people of his own age from Bosnia, Serbia, The Lebanon, Morocco, Czechia and Ukraine. During this period he is to think about the woman he left in Istanbul and also to set sail for a new agony of love. At the same time, he meets the tragedy of the European family: the wounded children of Bosnia War. Meanwhile Leyla wakes up with mixed feelings at her home at the Anatolian side of Istanbul. This is because in their telephone conversation the night before her father Feridun Sait had said he was going to commit suicide. The woman spends a day wandering around the streets of Istanbul not knowing whether she should rejoice at the likely death of her father or be sad about it. At the same time she has begun a journey towards her own past, her husband Halil from whom she is separated and the years of political exile. As for Halil the student leader of the seventies, he is taking his son to summer camp. There is a secret in the man's heart that has been burning inside him since his childhood. This secret had also been the cause of his separation from Leyla. Yakup...Leyla...Halil... Three people bound to each other by love, history and with the scars of wounds at three long roads...



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