Thematic category : Ανθρώπινες σχέσεις,Γονείς και παιδιά,Κοινωνικό
Series : BLUEBERRY 7-8 years
Issue Date : 25/05/2017
Pages : 56
Age : 7-8
Reprint : 2η
ISBN Ebook: 978-618-01-1886-5
Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm
Ebook format : ePUB

A few words

Fotini is a girl who loves to look at herself in the mirror. Ever since she could remember, she would play with her mother in front of the mirror. This made her feel happy and strong! Now, growing older, she begins to realize that her mother’s eyes are her favorite mirror. One day, however, everything changes. The mirror makes her sad and her favorite eyes are no longer bright. Fotini feels dark and lonely. How can she make her mirror become clear and bright again and for her to find her smile once again? Glykeria Grekou’s story is a tender contemporary tale for children and their mothers. A story that tells of self-esteem, the important role of a mother’s view of her children and how that view reflects a positive image of her child… The book is charmingly illustrated by Emilia Konteu.



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  • photo Ευαγγελια Δετση


    Μας αρεσε και ξετρελαθηκαν οι μικρες κυριες που ζητουν να το πουμε και να το ξαναπουμε

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  • photo Geena


    Καταπληκτικό βιβλίο, ιδιαιτέρως για τις μικρές μας κυρίες... Είναι τόσο σημαντική η εικόνα που έχει ένα παιδί για τον εαυτό του... Και επίσης σημαντικό, εμείς οι γονείς να την τονώνουμε όταν είναι απαραίτητο...

    I like this!  0 Likes

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