Thematic category : Κοινωνικό
Series : STRAWBERRY 5-6 years
Issue Date : 27/09/2007
Pages : 56
Age : 3-4,5-6
Reprint : 1st
Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm

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A few words

The happy subjects and royal family of the Kingdom of Hairia all have great hair. But the whole kingdom has just had its first bad hair day... there are nits everywhere! No one knows what to do until the royal family decide to rally their country out of these lousy times! Soon the king''s pop single - No Nits, Today - hits the Number One spot. Can Princess Primrose come up with an idea that will see the lice off once and for all?


2 opinions and readers reviews (in Greek)

  • photo Κωνσταντίνα


    Αυτό το βιβλίο μου άρεσε πολύ! Ήταν πολύ ωραίο και είχε πολλή πλάκα. Μου άρεσε και θέλω να το ξαναδιαβάσω!!!!

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  • photo Μαρίλια


    Είναι φανταστικό και με πολλή πλάκα. Αξίζει να το διαβάζεις στον ελεύθερό σου χρόνο.

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