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Submission of unpublished works

If you want to submit your work to PSICHOGIOS Publications for consideration, we would like to inform you that:

1. You may submit a copy of your work (not the original) by snail mail to  121, TATOIOU STR. & SP.MERKOURI STR., 144 52 METAMORFOSSI, ATTICA, GREECE  or deliver it personally to our offices for the attention of the Editorial Department. Appointments cannot be made for the submission.

2. Your work will be read by a committee made up of authors, executives and readers of PSICHOGIOS Publications. We will contact you within three months at the latest whether the response is positive or negative. The reasons behind the decision for or against the publication of a book will not be disclosed.

3. PSICHOGIOS Publication srespect the intellectual property of authors. Therefore, we recommend you to register the copyright of your work, if you have not already done so, with a notary or wherever you think appropriate.

Conditions for Submission

1. We accept only literature written by adults. Work written by children, however well written, will not be considered.

2. Regarding adult texts, novels and books of general knowledge (historical, religious, psychological, scientific, books for practical life, cooking, etc.) can be considered for publication. Poetry, short stories, novellas and theatrical plays cannot be accepted for evaluation. Regarding children’s and young adult books, only novels and original contemporary stories will be considered.

3. Submissions must be typed and printed. They cannot be sent by e-mail, diskl or CD. The minimum number of typed pages for adult novels are 250 pages with a font of TimesNewRoman, size 12, spacing 1.5.

4. Submissions must be accompanied by a full author CV which must include the author's full contact address, phone number, and e-mail as well as a summary of the book.



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