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Returns policy

Readers's Satisfaction Guarantee

At Psichogios Publications we only publish books that excite us - the books that we as readers would like to read. Behind each new publication hides a team of people who have reviewed it using an entire list of criteria, the most important being, of course, quality. Next, our colleagues edit the work in order to insure s linguistic, artistic but also technical quality.

If, however, for any reason, our book doesn't satisfy our readers, they may return it to us, as long as it is in good condition, and we will exchange it with another book of the same cost at our book store. Our Reader's Satisfaction Guarantee is valid for upo to 45 days from the purchase date of the book.

Regarding this issue, readers may contact us at retail@psichogios.gr or by phone at 210 28 04 952.


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